• Classic Clean Formula is Back!

    Sea Breeze® Original Formula is made to remove trapped oil, dirt and makeup before they become problems. The tingle tells you it's working as it penetrates deep down to the pores to deep clean your skin.

    Your skin will look cleaner and fresher.

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  • The gentlest Sea Breeze® formula...

    This sensitive skin formula combines a special blend of cleansing and softening ingredients for a deep, refreshing clean that removes trapped oil, dirt and makeup that soap leaves behind without over-drying.

    The cool sensation tells you it's working, leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy.

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    • 1.Wipe cell phones and ear phones with Sea Breeze® to keep germs from coming back onto your skin, especially around the ears where skin can be extra oily.

    • 2.Clean your yoga mat, hand weights, and other equipment with a quick wipe of Sea Breeze® on a soft cloth to clean off sweat.

    • 3.If you wear braids or a weave, dab Sea Breeze® on your scalp between the rows to keep your scalp clean and itch-free.

    • 4.Soothe your skin fast after a bikini or leg wax - mix Sea Breeze® and baby oil together and rub over just-waxed skin.

    • 5.Professional manicurists sanitize your hands with a quick spritz of Sea Breeze® after cuticle trimming. Get the same result at home - pour a little Sea Breeze® into a small spray bottle and spray after you trim cuticles, let dry before polish. Clean your clippers, too.

    • 6.If your favorite sport requires a helmet with a chin guard, it creates a sweat spot that can keep you broken out. Before you strap on your helmet, swab the skin with Sea Breeze®, then run the swab over the helmet, to wipe away any excess dirt. Clean skin after sports with Sea Breeze® to wipe out excess oil for hours.

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